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You CAN Create a Sustainable Writing Practice.

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m going to write more often”?

So what’s holding you back?

Do you struggle to find time to write?

Do you have a hard time generating ideas?

Do you suffer from writer’s block?

Are you easily distracted by shiny things on the internet?

What if you had a gentle taskmaster emailing you every day for a month with writing tips, video inspiration, exercises, and prompts?

Would that help you to get your butt in the chair and keep it there?

My on-demand e-course A MONTH OF WRITING provides the structure and encouragement you need to create a sustainable, regular writing practice that will last long beyond the 30 days you spend with me.

Why did I create A MONTH OF WRITING? When I ask my students what their biggest writing challenges are, they almost always answer:

“I don’t have any time”


“I don’t have any ideas”

But as I work with them, I find that they can in fact carve out time and they do in fact have stories to tell. They just need motivation and good habits.

So let me be your writing coach, motivating you to sit in your chair, stay there, and write awesome shit.

The class is on-demand, so you can start anytime and move through the modules at your own pace. I’ll send you 30 days of tips, videos, exercises, and writing prompts to help you overcome those aspects of writing that hold you back, so that you can finally create the sustainable writing practice you’ve always wanted.




DAY 1  |  Find your Place of Creative Incubation

DAY 2  |  Determine Your Motivation to Write

DAY 3  |  Overcome Your Blocks

DAY 4  |  Develop a Writing Trigger

DAY 5  |  Keep Your Ass in the Seat

DAY 6  |  Assemble Your Favorite Materials

DAY 7  |  Set Goals Using Timers and Trackers

DAY 8  |  Respond to an Op-Ed

DAY 9  |  Eavesdrop and Write the Dialogue

DAY 10  |  Rewrite a Story from a Different Character’s Point of View

DAY 11  |  Keep a Twitter Journal

DAY 12  |  Develop a Character Study

DAY 13  |  Write to a Prompt

DAY 14  |  Freewrite

DAY 15  |  Write a Crappy First Draft

DAY 16  |  Treat Yo’self

DAY 17  |  Go Public for Accountability

DAY 18  |  Create Deadlines

DAY 19  |  Use Other People’s Deadlines

DAY 20  |  Write in Imperfect Conditions

DAY 21  |  Take a Hike

DAY 22  |  Join a Blog Link-up

DAY 23  |  Write a 100-Word Story

DAY 24  |  Describe a Place

DAY 25  |  Make a Plot Diagram

DAY 26  |  Brainstorm Headlines & Titles

DAY 27  |  Mind Map Your Writing Goals & Content

DAY 28  |  Write 750 Words

DAY 29  |  Read

DAY 30  |  Keep Writing

My Story.

I am a writer, teacher, and speaker. My passion is the science of storytelling — how humans are hard-wired to connect with each other through story. Story bonds us by creating shared communal experiences.

Writing. I blog at The Reedster Speaks, where I write with humor about family life, mental illnesss, and my underwear. I’m a three-time winner of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year award, in the humor and Op-Ed categories, and my work has appeared on The Huffington Post, Vibrant Nation, the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference blog, In the Powder Room, yeah write, Aiming Low, I Just Want to Pee Alone, and

Teaching. I’ve taught writing in one form or another since I was in law school back in the Reagan era, continuing throughout my careers as a lawyer, an academic, and a writer. I’m a Master Online Teacher certified by the Illinois Online Network, and I’ve been teaching online since 2004.

Speaking. I started speaking in front of audiences at my high school graduation and I pretty much haven’t shut up since. In addition to presenting on the craft of writing, I also speak about the oldest story of all – the hero’s journey. Now at the half-century mark, I’m on career three and I use my story to inspire others to accept their calls to adventure and follow their passions.

I live in Asheville, North Carolina, with my husband, two daughters, and three dogs, including a giant Saint Bernard. You might think I thrive on chaos. I do not.




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